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Senior Java and Big Data consultant

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Senior Java and Big Data consultant

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I’m a Software engineer with more than 8 years of experience with Java/J2EE and its related tools. Furthermore, I made almost all my University Degree and my Bachelor’s Project with this technology. Currently I’m focused in Big Data projects based in Java and Hadoop. I have participated in multiple projects for several companies and final customers with different kind of business. I have worked in sectors such as Banking, Energy, Telecommunications, Videogames, Sociological Studies or Marketing, for public and private companies, something valuable that gave me the opportunity to learn how to solve a variety of problems in different environments and situations.



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- University Complutense Madrid Master Degree in Computing Science (5 years):

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Bank Project manager Big Data 2014 - heden Vacature Working for aBig Data Lab Here we use Big Data technologies and techniques to daily analyze all the logs and databases of the bank in order to find behavior patterns. The final purpose is to provide the marketing department enough information so they could make more efficient campaigns, personalizing the content of their publicity and personal contacts. We can also detect small misalignments and we correct or improve data already recorded. Our input is a variety of sources, ATM logs, Operational logs, exports from databases with all the simulations of the day, transfers, receipts, offices logs, external pollsters… All our transformed and enriched information (we are a kind of ETL) is daily sent to the Data Warehouse and to Teradata Aster were the business analysts search for patterns. - Big Data / Java Development Team Leader. -My role here is not the same I used to have, here I’m in charge of 2 main things, I’m focused in the monthly deliveries as usual in a PM position, but here I’m also responsible of the new architecture we are generating for both Banc and prospective Customers. Hence besides of working here I’m synthesizing a generic core that we could export to other big data projects. - Sector: Banking, ETL, analysis. - Time and effort estimations and approval. HR and Economical management within Indra. - In charge of 4 Java/ Big Data Architects and 2 programmers. - Technical design. Bank Projectmanager Big Data 2013 - 2014 Vacature - Big Data / Java Development Project Manager (International) - Mi role here is the typical Development Project Manager. I’m In charge of 6 Analyst Programmers 4 Hadoop Architects and 10 Senior Programmers. My manager gives me orders from London and our testing team is based Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. The development team I manage is based in 4 offices in Spain, so we have daily conferences (Agile Morning meetings) to share tasks and follow up the remaining and prospective job. I’m responsible of the entire project in all stages, from definition, to 24/7 support passing through technical design, development and testing. - Sector: Banking, Data Sourcing. - Time, effort, economical estimation and approval. HR and Economical management. - In this project I have quarterly deliveries

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